An Update for the Unconcerned

Hey, efficiency, go screw yourself!

Surely, not a single one of you is asking yourself “Why has Marc not assaulted us with any more unimportant but ever so delightful updates about Amsterdam?”

If you could have seen me type that question from my hostel in Prague, you would have a better idea. I spent the last two minutes cycling through the keyboard SHIFT options, which here is an arrow pointing up, for the question mark. And, if you notice, no contractions to be found here. That is because there is no apostrophe to be found on the keyboard. The Czech find apostrophes to be a sign of weakness.

Someone at the hostel called this an English keyboard, which I am willing to believe to a certain extent. Actually, I am only willing to believe it because he had a sweet cockney accent and I have yet to go to England, much less type there. Regardless, this quick post has taken way too much time and effort already. I submit to the communist keyboard overlord.

Rest assured that I will continue to make Liz post Facebook updates to annoy anyone who even remotely cares. I will also be spamming lots of daily posts once we get back to Amsterdam. That sure will not be annoying.

Damn I miss apostrophes.


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