Whetting Appetites

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like for an American male to move to Amsterdam with his lovely girlfriend in mid August, 2011, then I’m happy to cater to your oddly specific tastes.

I’m Marc Moson. I’m abandoning family and friends to spend a few years in the Netherlands. I’m clearly the first person in the history of the world to chronicle my experiences in painful detail through a web-based log, which I call “blogging.”

I’m coping with the guilt of leaving through assurances like, “Mom/friends/family/others, if you read my blog it’ll be like I’m right there at home/in the bar/at birthdays/doing stuff.”

So, friends and passersby, put on your laughing and/or cringing caps and follow along. I’m one day from the flight to Amsterdam and only moderately freaking out. I’m ignoring my parents and packing duties to post a pseudo-blog entry while listening to the Game of Thrones soundtrack. Riveting start, huh?

I’m no dummy, and since you might live vicariously through social media too, you should follow me @The_Marc on Twitter. Want me to creepily stare at you during a “hang out” on Google+? I’m there too. And, while Facebook is still a thing, friend me. Tot zo!


3 thoughts on “Whetting Appetites

  1. Very happy for you and your lady friend! By the way… if you notice a large number of visits from Swaziland… It’s not me… and I’m not stalking you! 😛

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